The idea

The Idea

What if there was a local site where I could sell my unwanted items for free? It should be super quick and easy to list my item and because it’s local there’s no postage to worry about. What if I could also look for local savings and special offers from businesses in my area. Hmmmmm....

How it works

Take photos

Take a photo of your item. Upload it here. describe your item and set a price, So easy and FREE!

Wait to be contacted

Wait for Neil to email you. Well he might not be called Neil but he’s keen on your item.

Hand over the goods

Buyer collects your item and pays. Yay you have money to spend and you didn’t throw stuff away.

We created Newbury Bargains specifically with local businesses in mind. Our site attracts thousands of visitors each month who are buying or selling in the Newbury area, and now you can put your offers in front of them!

It’s really very simple. We’ve just launched, so for a limited time we are offering FREE adverts to local businesses, thereafter, for a flat fee of just £29 per month we will create an attractive advert with your logo and an offer. When a new customer walks into your business and shows you the offer (or mentions it on the phone) you give them that deal. Of course there will be terms surrounding that offer, such as "new customers only", or "only available Mon-Thurs" which you can put in the description of the offer.

Just keep a note of how many people have redeemed your offer, and how much extra business you’ve got, and if it is working for you, keep the offer live on Newbury Bargains.

Don’t worry if you’re not techie, our friendly in-house team will help you with the ad setup and get you up and running quickly.


What’s the catch, is it really free and is it local? Indeed there is no catch, the site is free to use if you are an individual and just want to find local bargains and sell your old items. As long as they are non-commercial we’re all good. This IS a local website! We have other websites but this one is just for Newbury and the local area. No need to worry about posting items or them getting lost amongst millions of listings. The site is run by Newbury people for the Newbury people.

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