Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free or are there hidden fees?

No all classifieds are free. As long as you are not profiting from the listing and selling a commercial item itís free with no restriction. We do not permit business listings within the classifieds section. This is intended as a community buy/selling area for individuals.

How long can I list an item for?

As long as you want, the default is 30 days and the system will send an email reminder before then. All you need to do is click the link to renew your advert.

Can I remove and pause a listing?

Yes, within the control panel you can pause a listing. This is useful perhaps if you are going on holiday. People who are watching your item will still see it.

Is it really local? Or yet another buying/selling portal?

Glad you asked because this is the thing that makes us different. The idea for this came from the need to create a decent local place for buy/selling and local offers. We do not permit listings of anything outside of the Banbury area so everything you see you can get locally. Also the same for selling, no need to worry about postage, no need to worry about your listing getting lost on Social media or endless time wasters leaving comments. Itís really very simple and run by local people.

I have a local business, can I advertise?

Yes indeed, as long as you have some kind of deal or offer. We do not permit listing of your standard wares, this is a savings/bargains site. Please contact us to discuss the advertising options but these are very competitive and of course itís a local audience so engagement and conversions rates are very high.

How do people make contact? I donít want my details displayed publicly

All ads are anonymous, only your village/town is actually seen, potential buyers can message you via the messaging system which will reveal their email address to you. You only need to reply if you think they are genuine.

Are any items prohibited?

Yes indeed, please see our listing guidelines for more info. Our moderators will keep an eye out for anything listed that is in violation of our listing policies. For obvious reasons we cannot allow certain things to be listed.

How quickly can I have something listed?

Incredibly quick! Actually it only depends on how quickly you can type. Once you have authenticated the listing itís live, this is instant if you already have an account or use SMS or Facebook.

What if I am not local, can I still use the website?

Yes of course but you canít sell an item unless the item is located within our catchment area. Of course youíre free to browse and buy locally.

Is this a voucher website?

No, our advertisers are local business who wish to advertise their deals and offers. To claim any of their offers there may not be a voucher involved at all. Please see specific listings for more info.

Can I get email alerts about new listings etc?

Yes you can. Please register for a free user account and within the dashboard you can choose which types of email roundup and categories you are interested in.

I get sick of sites listing items that are no longer available. Whatís the deal?

We feel the same way too. They do this for a number of reasons mostly to have search engines find their websites, get you to the website and also to make it look like they have more stuff. It winds us up too and weíre not about that at all. So, once your item is gone people wonít find it within the categories or site searches.